The Company

Who is sydetion?

The sydetion UG was founded in November 2010 by the Managing Director Tobias Hocke. The foundation was the result of complex projects for a variety of OEM customers and their increasing demands on our resources.

We are still a young start-up company that has specialized in different sectors of the information technology industry. These include Softwaredevelopment, Embedded Systems and Web Services, which can be configured and implemented according to customer specifications. Another significant sector is theSystemintegration. This term is a broad spectrum of applications. We have limited ourselves to a few main types of system integration. Learn more about ithere.

The name sydetion consists of our core competencies. sydetion stands for cross-system development and solutions.

Our team consists of four employees that complement their expertises through a customizable end-product to develop. Through close cooperation with our partners in the IT, electronics and media industries, we have the capacity, which cover a wide range of services.

Innovation and progress are leading the way for the future. Want more information? PleaseContactus

The team

Tobias Hocke

Managing Director

Marcel Schnirring