easyIntegrate Meeting


easyIntegrate Meeting-systemintegration never was that simple-

The easyIntegrate concept combines the universal potential for using AMX hardware in conference and presentation environments with minimal effort in programming and implementation. We rely on all-in-one solutions of the DVX series in combination with a touch panel, such as the MVP-9000i – this base in conjunction with easyIntegrate meeting allows to set up and “program” an ordinary conference room in less than an hour.

The programming effort is limited to the integration of easyIntegrate module, and the assignment of the source and output devices in conjunction with the control modules. After about twenty lines of source code you configure the rest of the system on the touch panel itself-This also allows more flexibility in subsequent customizations.


Since we are building onto the AMX own SNAPI system, all devices from AMX modules are directly available at no extra cost. Furthermore, we also develop custom modules or modules for other devices which are not provided in the AMX SNAPI.

The package includes interfaces for PCs, laptops, Blu-Ray players, DVD players and VCR players, DVR and TV equipment, visualizers and aux inputs, which can be distributed to up to 4 outputs from up to 10 inputs. The microphone functionality is also included.

In addition, you will get a already finished touch panel design (see screenshots), and an example project with detailed installation instructions and documentation.