In the course of software development, we have also focused on the development of Web services. Through the constant outsourcing of resources, as well as the increasing number of thin-client systems such as smart phones and tablet PCs, the computing power is increasingly outsourced to servers or data centers. The software runs on these powerful machines, and only displayed on the client side.

It differs in this two sectors: intranet services and Internet services (= cloud computing). The more common within companies intranet services offer not only lower costs for users with less powerful hardware client computer also has the advantage of increased data security and organization.

For the realization of these projects, we rely increasingly on the PHP framework CakePHP, which ensures optimal integration of databases, and visualization processes. Using this connections to existing databases of inventory management systems, directory services, or other services like these are possible.

If you are an intrested in an Internet solution, we offer you the appropriate server capacity

In addition to specially designed web pages, normal ones are also part of the internet services category “Web services”. We realize, according to customer requirements, from simple to complex Internet presences. We rely on the use of content management systems (CMS) where you can make as customer adjustments to content and graphics without having to contact the programmer.

To realize such projects we use Drupal(for complex requirements) or WordPress(for lower requirements).If you have a question pleaseContactus.

Our work-platforms

  • Web-Services and Software-as-a-Service systems inCakePHP
  • Connection to SQL databases, LDAP directory services
  • complex web pages with the content management systemDrupal
  • Simple to more sophisticated websites with Content Management SystemWordPress