In the sector of software development we cover a broad spectrum of possible applications. We subdivide the development or programming in three cases:

  1. Development of a software

    Software is often incurred in the ordinary everyday routines that are repeated constantly, edited, or similar to manage complexity. In addition to the normal, often high effort, there is also effort in such a process that flow high error rates, which can be avoided by an intellegent process management. This is just one example of a possible application. – You have a similar problem?Please contact us.

  2. Expansion of an existent software

    Another problem is the extension of the given program functions. A software meets the requirements in some cases, we impose on them. One possible example would be the extension of a standard ERP software make custom functions for your property.

  3. Adaptation of an existing software

    In the course of time, routines or factors change in a program sequence. The software can still be used effectively, when it is adapted to the presence of these blocks. A typical case study is a program that is in a newer operating system version no longer works properly.

Even after completion of the project we support, we support you and your staff with modifications, enhancements and individual trainings

We are happy to advise you in a direct conversation about your concerns to find a suitable solution.Contact us

Our work platforms

  • Windows development in C + +, C # and Delphi (Object Pascal)
  • SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications in PHP
  • Database integration of MSSQL, MySQL, Access, and Oracle