Embedded Systems

Unter dem Oberbegriff Embedded Systems versteht die sydetion UG die Entwicklung von Mikroprozessor gestützten Systemen in Hard- und Software.

Your vision is our mission

Many industrial processes often require complex control systems and solutions, combined from several individual parts. For your particular application, we offer you the opportunity to develop a cost-and performance-efficient product. From the concept to the finished product.

The completely digital elaboration of the idea, already in the development stage your product is to be regarded as a model. They are thus directly informed about the origin of your product and can already vote next steps, such as marketing and trade shows in advance.

Development on the cutting edge of technology

The design of printed circuit boards, mechanical components and the programming is done at the cutting edge of applied technology. With the finished product you will receive a complete and detailed project documentation, which in addition to the program code, includes technical drawings of the circuit board. We design the schematic and layout in the current version of Eagle from Cadsoft. We can realize complex multiple layers up to 16 layers. From these data, data can be exported without further work, for assembly diagrams, parts lists, or other relevant information.

Focus on proven solutions

In the wake of already carried out contract work, we focus on a wide repertoire of values ​​and past experience of successfully tested circuits with EMC certification. This know-how we use it to bring in your vision in order to develop a functional product.

The development of such a solution can pay off already on low numbers of products for you and your company. Don’t hesitate tocontact us, if you would like to work with us.

Our work platforms

  • development and layout for circuit boards inCadSoft EAGLE
  • microprozessors of Atmel – AVR und Microchip – PIC
  • Processor-specific software development C-Compiler-Platforms